Sunday, 9 August 2009

New Site

I have moved my site to:

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Monday, 27 July 2009

Music Jam Over

The Music Jam party has finished. Did you find DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band? I hope my tracker helped. Did you get the free item, the GREEN HEADPHONES? I think that is quite a good item.

Also, have you voted for your favourite colour yet? Make sure you do so your colour can win. I heard a rumour that if you vote for the winning colour, you get 20 coins. That would be cool.

And news about My site, I am progressing well on netiman cp banners. It should be up soon. But I am sad to say that school goes back tomorrow (remember I'm in Australia) so I won't be able to post as much. I will only do a maximum of 2 or 3 posts a week probably. I will only be able to go on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.



Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Penguin and CP news

Hey I have made a 4th penguin i will go on this one 10% of the time and Netiman 90% of the time. The new penguin is called flashlight00. If you meet him you will be VERY lucky.

New CP news on July 24th you will be able to vote for the new colour. There will be a ticket booth placed in the forest on every server and you will have from July 24th until July 28th to vote.
The Music Jam stage at Dock is changing style everyday! So far it has changed to Western, pink and purple.
Also, The Penguin Band is now permanently at the iceberg! Although it is just an image so you still have to put in the effort to meet them. dont start crying lol.


Friday, 17 July 2009

Music Jam Party

The music Jam party has started and there is a new pin and free items but they don't work yet. The new pin is in the boiler room it is a beach umbrella but when you try to get it it just says ' this item is currently unavailable.
The same with the free item which is green headphones at the cove.
Also a new colour is going to come! There is a club Penguin Vote.
It is either Aqua, Lavander or maroon. I am voting for lavender because I dont like maroon and aqua is too similiar to light blue.
Also, Only members can meet the penguin band this year becuase the only place they are going is backstage.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New tracks on DJ3K

DJ3K has new tracks! But you have to buy them and only members can :( . Non-members can use the original which is classic. Members can buy the jungle, festival and funky tracks for 75 coins each. But I don't think it makes any difference to how many coins you make.

Thats it for today


Monday, 13 July 2009

More Ruby and the Ruby!

I have some more ruby and the ruby cheats.
To get the noir background, open the stage catalog. Go all the way to the back cover and drag down the 'how do i earn coins' sign. you will see the noir background. Click on it and buy it. it is the same price as the other backgrounds (60 coins)


Club Penguin Money Maker Back Up!

Hey, remember when i told you about money maker? the address is
you put in your penguin name and password. Then choose how much money you want.
You can get 5000,10000, or 25000.
I do not own this but I know it is not a scam.
You do not get banned either.
I have used it for all 3 of my penguins and none of them got banned.
But Because I'm a nonmember, I can't use the money anyway!
I forgot to tell you, but It had crashed for a couple of days.
But it is back up now.

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